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A longtime ago, the rabbit who once lived a happy life as a young, was sealed in the moon. The rabbit did not understand why she was locked away. Was it because she was herself? Eventually the rabbit stops questioning and is slowly and surely trying to collect her reason for existence...


im so angry the next generations will probably have virtual reality and alien contact and we have republicans and windows 8

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me in the grocery store when my mom escapes


"I think we can pick these apples, Killua." 
"Great! I also found a spot maybe we could bake something with these?"
"Sure. I will teach you how to make apple pie!"

old drawing that I fixed yesterday. this was a fem!kirugon au I planned last year in which killua goes on vacation with her family to whale island, a sort of resort village/forest place, and rent a cottage for their stay. there she meets gon, daughter of the owner of the cottage and learns about nature, homemade cooking and crafts with her. it’s basically just cute stories of killua’s vacation with gon because I need fluff in my life. right now.